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Wednesday, February 09, 2011
Have been slacking my life away this few months without a perm job... getting more n more slack.. and just dont feel lk doing anything... i hope on Mon... its gonna be a good start for me... its time to really "wake up" frm all this slacking life...Gonna give it a try ! Tho this is gonna be a big change as ive nv done this kind of job b4... and the timing is totally very very very diff frm all the job ive done b4... and im gonna sacrifice my weekends n public holidays as well... gonna have lesser time for my Bb... I guess i jus have to give up smth... and give it a shoot this time round...
Tho... i still feel kinda lazy.... as ive been slacking all this months... waking up late... 'nua' at home... gossshhhh....!!!

for a better tomorrow;
-3:22 PM

Friday, December 10, 2010
A kinda special stone Bb brought it frm Australia

BKK!!! HERE I COME!!!! TML FLYING OFF TO BKK!!! Done with my packing !! Hope its gonna b a fun trip!! and hope im gonna shop till i drop!! =D Weeeee~!!!! Tml 1pm flight.... Bb gonna come over n fetch me to airport! Wuhooo~~~I cant wait to go!!! Finally!! part of my dream come true... going bkk ~~!!

When im back.... its gonna be followed by shirley's wedding on the 19 dec! Jus nw went to bugis n buy some deco thingy with her... =)

Gonna do my las checking n go to bed soon!!

for a better tomorrow;
-10:50 PM

Monday, November 29, 2010
HOME SWEET HOME~~~bACK from East Coast! Really had a wonderful dinner.. with all the satays... bbq stingray... fried oyster... sambal sotong... lala... etc etc... sugar cane!! all my fav food!!! My pimples gonna b popping out again!! hahahah!
Tml gonna b slacking my life away....continue with my HK DRAMA!
TUE!! BB IS BACK!!! Gonna be staying at BB de new home... at changi! I guess im gonna have hard time slping at a new environment... THAT'S ME! i hate it actually..And its like FINALLY he has moved to b soo near me... and i doesnt have to like travel for 1hr plus to his hse... waiting for the damn 969 frm tamp to yishun...den tk another 169 to his hse there... goshhh... hahahaha...this time round... tking bus 29 jus directly from my hse downstairs!! Half an hr journey! And next time we can jus go changi beach for cycling.... eating dim sum...at the hawker there..so many nice food.. !! hehehe... and nxt time meeting up with everyone near tamp here much more convenient!! Weeeee!!!
12 more days to my BKK TRIP!! =)))

for a better tomorrow;
-1:02 AM

Saturday, November 27, 2010
Seriously... standing for like 9hrs... 1hr break time... can be soo freaking tiring... Its been so long ever since ive stand for like sooo long??? Was helping out at this babyfair... goshhh... the time pass sooo slow like shit!!! every 5mins is like 1hr!! omg!!! Tml will be the las day!! FINALLY!!! Luckily tml gonna work till 6pm only!!

Seeing soo many babies there... seriously.. babies are really adorable... seeing them smile is really the best thing... Everyday coming back home.. seeing my own niece... really brighten up my day.... But i guess i cant have my own baby...its gonna be hell i guess... lolxx!!

3 more days n BB is back from australia! FINALLY!! AND ITS TIME TO COUNT DOWN TO MY BKK TRIP!!! YESSSS!!! I have got so many things in mind to buy!!!

Tml meeting up with yong sien they all for dinner at east coast park after my work!

Gonna slp now!!

for a better tomorrow;
-10:42 PM

Monday, November 22, 2010

Las thurs & friday... working at MBS for an event... everything was good..get to know some friends there... Everyone was really frenly... Had laughters during work was great....

Sunday went to Marina Barrage for a picnic with Kermise & Tilia... seriously!!! ive got abit of sun tanned... and the prob is that we'r under shelter... but yet i still can got tanned!!! omg!!! Im like always "absorbing" the sunlight!!! Seriously... this is why i hate to go sentosa etc when there is sun!!! We've plan to have another outing for kite flying.. but its gonna b in the evening!!! Hahahaha! Ard 12pm.... we cant tk the heat... and we left there n headed to Raffles City to eat Ding Tai Feng!! Wuhoo!! I seriously love to eat that!! XIAO LONG BAO!!
I am counting down to the days to my BKK TRIP!! 11 DEC !! I CANT WAIT TO GO THERE EAT N SHOP~~!!!
Being at home nwadays... i jus keep eating! My life is jus my lappy... FB....HK DRAMA...EAT N SLP!!

for a better tomorrow;
-5:46 PM

Monday, November 15, 2010
Congrates to Shirley~~ She's bcuming a mummy too!! Wishin her all the best... 19 dec 2010 is her BIG DAY!
N PIPI is gonna give birth to baby eden soon in dec...!! Our little god son! Cant wait to see... !
Well... Currently so free now... Again... ive quit my job... its such a long story to say... but what i can say is that PPL THERE SUX TO THE MAX! NV SEEN THIS KIND OF PPL IN LIFE B4.. N YAH... IVE MET THEM! DAMN!
Looking ard for part time job.... jus done a part time job on fri n sat at suntec... Well... was really happy working for that 2 days event as registration counter staff... met alot of nice n frenly people... really had lots of chat n laughters at work... really enjoy this kind of work... Tho its really bored sitting there... but people there mk time pass sooo fast..
Thurs n friday got another event again at MBS... some similar job....This period of time gonna b like taking a break.... N since its like going to end of the year le...
seems like so many things are happening nwadays...
Im bored~~~!!!!!

for a better tomorrow;
-9:44 PM

Sunday, October 17, 2010
Life without Bb for 1 and a half month.... and now is only the 3rd day w/o him by my side on a weekends.... n im feeling so empty n lonely...Mayb i'll get use to it when time passby.... And the worse of all is cant sms or tok to him at all... and all we do is always sms each other almost everyday even if he is nt by my side.... Haiix..
Looking forward to his return in 30th Nov.... and 'we'll be heading to BKK on the 11th Dec... a 5 days trip to BKK! FINALLY...! Ive been waiting for this days to come....
Nw slacking at home... jus watch tv...play PC GAME.... slack my time away.... and when he's nt ard... time pass so slow on a weekend..on weekdays.... more slow when im working!! Haiixx!!! tml working again.... suxxx...! People there sux to the maxx....!!!
No one for me to complain all my working misery...... Haixxx....

for a better tomorrow;
-3:06 PM